Say hello to the Lenovo Tab Wear Collection. An exclusive design collaboration that’s changing how we use fashion.
Three unique jackets that seamlessly integrate Lenovo tablets into your outerwear, enhancing privacy, comfort and allowing
you to take your me-time anywhere.


Bringing me-time to the streets with exclusive designer collaboration.

Me-time are those moments where you take time for yourself. Chilling on the couch, listening to music, watching a movie or just scrolling.

In an on-the-go world, doesn’t it make sense to take your me-time anywhere?
Lenovo tablets are the ultimate devices to enjoy me-time among all personal electronics. We wanted to bring me-time, traditionally spent indoors on the couch, out of the home and into the world. Want to enjoy some me-time on your tablet outdoors today?
From a noise-canceling hoodie to an inflatable hammock and a techno-armor exo-skeleton, these are more than just clothes: they’re a new way of life - one which incorporates entertainment through integrated harnesses, allowing you to carry and watch, play, listen and maximize me-time…wherever you are.

Discover the Lenovo Tab Wear Collection below.

A hyperfocus me-time pod: sustainably designed anorak with an isolation hood.

A transforming all-season hammock to create your me-time cocoon anywhere - disguised in an inflatable poncho.

Wearable modular techno-armor that shields you from the outside world and allows you to take your me-time anywhere.

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